About HHH

History, Health & Healing (HHH) is the network for academic medical historians and researchers in The Netherlands. HHH aims to stimulate research, to foster communication and to organise graduate teaching in the medical humanities. Through our website and activities we offer a platform to inform, connect and engage researchers and research groups, junior as well as advanced. HHH is part of the Huizinga Institute, the research institute and graduate school of cultural history in The Netherlands.

HHH Rules and Regulations

By clicking on the text in bold below, you can view a document drafted by the HHH board with rules on the composition and the roles of HHH.

HHH SSC.docx


  • Prof. dr. Gemma Blok, Open Universiteit
  • Dr. Timo Bolt, Erasmus MC
  • Prof. dr. Manon Parry, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Prof. dr. Rina Knoeff, University of Groningen
  • Eileen van der Burgh MA, Leiden University

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