Call for papers “Theorising Ageing in a Digital World”

The Socio-gerontechnology Network, together with the Open University of The Netherlands, invites proposals for papers, posters and sessions to be submitted by 17 March 2023 for its annual meeting, this year on the theme “Theorising Ageing in a Digital World“. For all information on the call for papers and how to submit, please visit this page.

The Socio-gerontechnology Network

Demographic ageing and technological change – including new digital technologies – are two trends that are increasingly interrelated. This interrelation has become a pertinent driver of societal change. Technological research, innovation and policy are increasingly devised to solve some of the challenges that allegedly come with population ageing, so that technological innovation and innovation policy have become important arenas for negotiation of later life identities, social relations and lifestyles. At the same time, it also is increasingly clear that digital devices and infrastructures already permeate the lives of many older people, which has required us to rethink empirical approaches to ageing and ponder the place of new technologies and digital infrastructures in theories of ageing.

Since its inaugural meeting in 2017, the Socio-gerontechnology Network has provided a forum for interdisciplinary scholarship — initiated by a dialogue between Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Age Studies — that explores the complex and co-constitutive relationship between ageing, technology, and society from various social sciences and humanities perspectives. The network embraces both early and more established academic scholars.