CfE Holdstock-Piachaud Student Essay Prize

The journal Medicine, Conflict and Survival invites students to send in an essay for the Holdstock-Piachaud Essay Prize. Winners will receive a cash prize and a year’s subscription to the journal. The winning entries may also be selected by the editors for publication in the journal.

Candidates can choose one of the five issues chosen by the journal, and explore insights, concerns and original perspectives drawing on relevant literature and the writer’s own experience and reflections. The first issue on this year’s list is particularly relevant to medical history students:

The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been characterized by a proliferation of misinformation about the virus, the vaccines, and mitigating public health measures. This is not a new phenomenon: there have been similar reactions to earlier public health crises. Has the popular reaction to COVID-19 and to ways of combatting it been influenced by the misinformation associated with earlier pandemics, from C17 onwards? Focusing on two of these, are there lessons from them in how to restore or develop faith in science and health professionals?

Deadline: January 31, 2022, 5 pm GMT.
All information (including on the other four issues) is on the Holdstock-Piachaud Essay Prize website.

Medicine, Conflict and Survival is an international journal for all those interested in the health aspects of violence and human rights. The Holdstock-Piachaud Essay Prize was set up to encourage students to explore the themes covered by the journal in memory of Douglas Holdstock and Jack Piachaud, who were for many years inspirational editors of the Journal. Published quarterly by Taylor and Francis/Routledge, the journal plays an important role in debates around health, peace and violence.