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Annus climacterius 2020 – Hoe covid-19 geschiedenis schrijft

Domus Dag 2020 (in Dutch)

The Domus Dagen (Domus Days) are an annual event about medical history, organised by the Trefpunt Medische Geschiedenis Nederland, the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Geschiedenis (NVMG) and the Koninklijk Nederlands Medisch Genootschap (KNMG), this year in collaboration with Medisch Contact.

This fourteenth edition focusses on 2020 as an ‘annus climacterius’, a year of change, both for society and the individual. Looking back beyond the start of the covid-19 epidemic, the speakers discuss it from a cultural and medical historical perspective. Such an historical perspective can contribute to the understanding of pandemics in general and of global and national reactions to this virus in particular.

Speakers: Herman Pleij, Maarten van Buuren, Philipp Blom, Roel Coutinho, Jaap Goudsmit, Jan Bakker, Jan Anthonie Bruijn and René Héman.
More information on the Medisch Contact website.