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Contagion and calculus: Histories of modelling epidemics

On 16-17 June 2022, the ERC-funded project The Epidemy, A History of Epidemiological Reasoning holds a workshop in Edinburgh called “Contagion and calculus: Histories of modelling epidemics”.

Models have guided the Covid-19 pandemic response with unprecedented authority. While many predictions over the last 20 months have been subject to heated controversy, modelling seemingly has no credible challengers in the guidance of pandemic politics. But the success story of infectious disease modelling far exceeds the horizon of the ongoing pandemic and is deeply interwoven with central  aspects of the history of science and medicine across the twentieth century. Why has understanding the dynamics of epidemics assumed primacy over the comprehensive precision of empirical inputs? How has mathematical modelling of infectious diseases moved to the forefront of public health expertise to become a globally trusted resource? Under what circumstances have the theoretical claims made with models eclipsed other ways of epidemiological knowing? Finally, how and to what extent has infectious disease modelling impacted on other fields and disciplines? With these guiding questions the workshop aims to assemble new historical research to explore and clarify the ascent of infectious disease modelling in the twentieth century – within and beyond epidemiology

Deadline call for papers: February 28, 2022.
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