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ESHS conference: Science, Technology, Humanity, and the Earth

The theme of the ESHS 2024 conference will be Science, technology, humanity, and the Earth. Science is one of the primary means by which mankind understands, represents and intervenes in the world. Humanity is facing challenges that can threaten its future and the future of the planet where it lives. As historians of science, we are committed to understand, inter alia, how epidemics, wars, poverty, inequalities, and climate change are connected. We invite the community of historians of science in Europe and elsewhere to look at the object of their historical research with a view to the great challenges that humanity has been facing both nowadays and throughout its history. The aim is to distance the conference from a specific methodological approach, and to establish a dialogue between different historiographies, perspectives, and topics.

We welcome proposals for symposia and standalone papers on all periods, geographic locations, and areas of specialisation, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Ancient texts, new technologies: digital humanities, computational history of science and the craft of the historian
  • Between global histories and microhistories of science
  • Decolonizing the history of science: children, women, racialised groups, minorities, and other invisible actors
  • “We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us.” History of science in the age of the Anthropocene
  • Science creating the environment
  • Human beings and other animals
  • Human sciences and subjectivity
  • The changing epistemic limits of science throughout history: astrology, phrenology, pseudoscience, post-truth, and so on
  • Science and technology in war and peace
  • The material, visual, and textual cultures of science
  • Global health and social challenges
  • The co-construction of knowledge: Science, technology, medicine and its publics

Deadline for panel proposals: December 20, 2023. Deadline for individual papers: February 19, 2024.

To find out more about how to submit a panel proposal or paper, please visit the conference’s website.