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Irreducible subjects: Disability and genomics in the past, present and future

On October 6-7, 2022, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in Bethesda, Maryland (US) holds the symposium “Irreducible subjects: Disability and genomics in the past, present and future”. The symposium will address historical and present-day constructions of disability and ableism, with a focus on the history and lived experiences of people with disabilities in the context of genetics and genomics.

The organisers invite you to submit your ideas for an opportunity to be one of six speakers. Through this open call for presentations, the event aims to develop a fuller account of the lives and experiences of people with disabilities. Conversations will link disability rights to wider NIH discussions and around inclusivity, intersectionality, equity, and social justice.

NHGRI seeks presenters who will help attendees:

  • interrogate the meaning of disability today and its connections to genetics, genomics and contemporary medicine
  • understand the revolutionary realities and potential of genome sequencing technologies in the context of disability
  • improve how scientists, clinicians, genetic counselors, and science communicators engage with the complexities of disability, building existing efforts on the NIH campus and at NHGRI
  • guide NHGRI and NIH as we seek to improve our dialogue with the disability community about genomic medicine and the realities of disability in the genomic era
  • ensure that the promise of genomics is accessible to all

Deadline call for papers: June 30, 2022
The full call for papers is found here.
More information on the event is found here.