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MAKING TOGETHER: A day of celebrating creativity in healthcare professions education

Making Together is a one day festival for artists, arts scholars and the artistically-inclined or curious, within or connected to healthcare professions education. Out-of-the-box thinkers, wildcards, foragers of ideas, hybrid researchers, either by choice or by chance, you are invited on an adventure to wander and wonder on the Fringes of the conventional, and to explore your own creative possibilities for research and teaching in the healthcare professions. In our main hub, which we will call the Medical Imaginarium visitors can engage all day with exciting projects. You can also sign up for workshops.

Making Together intentionally coincides with the NVMO jubilee congress and celebration LEARNING TOGETHER, WORKING TOGETHER. It provides a place to explore cutting edge approaches to research, inspiring transdisciplinary ideas and hands-on engagement with materials: the necessary ingredients for developing approaches to training healthcare professions education for the future.

Making Together is an initiative of a group of anthropologists, filmmakers, historians, science and technology studies scholars, artistic researchers and educators who came together during the course of six years to study the materiality of learning in medicine. Called Making Clinical Sense (www.makingclinicalsense.com) (MCS), based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University and funded by the European Research Council, the project has led to countless books, articles, presentations, exhibitions, workshops and interventions. Now at the tail end of the project, Making Together forms part of Making Clinical Senses’ exciting Fringe Editions.

All events are free of charge and close to the inner city. The day’s activities are directed at healthcare professions educators but anyone interested in the topic is welcome.

Find all information on the festival and the programme on this page.