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Physicians and society in Europe (18th-20th centuries)

On September 7-9, 2022, the interdisciplinary conference “Primum non nocere. Physicians and society in Europe (18th to 20 centuries): an interdisciplinary approach” is organized in Pardubice (Czech Republic) by the University of Pardubice and the Universidad Autonóma de Madrid.

The relationship between medicine, medical professionals and the society is a multilayered issue that has changed throughout history and was significantly affected by different cultural settings. This issue involves, for instance, the self-representation of physicians as well as their public image, the relationship between the state and the physicians, but also between the latter and the patients, or the use of medical arguments in public debate, in politics and in constructing individual and collective identities. The aim of the conference is creating a space of interdisciplinary debate about the transformations of the place medicine and physicians have occupied in European societies during the last three centuries.

Deadline CfP: April 15, 2022.
More information is on the University of Pardubice website.