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PULSE network seminar on food

Seminar Programme 1st Semester 2023/2024

In collaboration with Amsterdam School of Historical Studies

28 September DISABILITY

Co-hosted with Critical Health Humanities, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Chaired by Leni Van Goidsenhoven (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

  • Eline Pollaert and Floris Plak (Open Universiteit and Vrije Universiteit)
    ‘”To create a beginning, where first there was an end.” Stigma and Het
    Dorp, a residential area for people with physical disabilities in Arnhem,
    the Netherlands’
  • Irene Geerts (Open Universiteit)
    ‘Anonymous – Allied – Assertive. Stigma and the origins of the Dutch
    family movement in mental health, 1960-1985′

26 October MIND

  • Rebecca Wynter (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    ‘The case of the brick: police corruption and mental illness in 1960s
  • James Kennaway (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
    ‘Enchanted technology: mind control and sound in conspiracy theory’

30 November AIDS

  • Bram Mellink & Jesse van Amelsvoort (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    ‘Distorted transmission. AIDS, minority stress and understanding Dutch
    (male) homosexual minorities’ collective past’
  • Emma Day (University of Oxford)
    ‘In her hands: women’s fight against AIDS in the United States’

21 December BORREL

25 January FOOD

Co-hosted with Environment and Society, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Chaired by Peter van Dam (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

  • Lisa Haushofer (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    ‘The nineteenth-century origins of processed foods’
  • Ashok Malhotra (Queen’s University, Belfast)
    ‘Laboratory surveillance: dietary experiments on rats in British India,

Universiteit van Amsterdam / Bushuis E1.02 / Last Thursday of each month 15:30-17:00