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Queer history conference 2022

On June 12-15, 2022, the Committee on LGBT History and the GLBT Historical Society hold their second Queer History Conference 2022 at San Francisco State University. Scholars working on any aspect of the queer past, in any region of the world, during any period, are encouraged to apply. The organisers use the word “queer” to include both same-sex sexuality and histories of trans identity and gender non-conformity. They encourage interdisciplinary scholarship but also stress that this conference is meant to interrogate the queer past. There is no specific theme; rather, the hope is that this gathering will simply showcase the best of current work and new directions in the field of queer history, including panels addressing historiographical debates or states-of-the-field.

Deadline CfP: November 1st, 2021.
More information is found on the Committee’s website.