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Reckoning with race and racism in academic medicine

On May 5-6, 2022, a conference is held at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore entitled “Reckoning with race and racism in academic medicine”.

The conference is organised in order to confront the legacies of white supremacy and exclusion in American academic medicine and the central role that academic medicine has played and continues to play in the perpetuation of false biological concepts of race. As the Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine were founded as segregated institutions, the organisers are particularly interested in engaging the broader history and ongoing legacies of segregation in academic medical centers and their surrounding communities. They welcome studies of racialized histories of medical research in the twentieth and the complexity of racial inclusion as well as exclusion and exploitation in academic medicine, and how this history shapes current questions of trust, distrust, mistrust, and trustworthiness in relation to academic medical centers.  They also welcome meaningful examples of health and medical care as sites of antiracist advocacy.

Deadline CfP: January 31, 2022.
More information is found here.