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The analgesic museum

On March 11, the free online conference The Analgesic Museum: The Development of a Research Network and Exhibition Series takes place.

Philosophers of aesthetics have argued for centuries that the arts can draw the individual from isolation, create purpose and enliven existence, but can they also relieve pain? The organisers invite you to join a conversation at the intersection of art and pain management practices in order to explore the potential of cultural engagement in museums to reduce the burden of chronic pain.

This half day conference centers on three areas of interest:
• Research and creative scholarship to explore how museum-based interventions can lessen pain
• Exhibition development to showcase the aesthetics of analgesia
• Arts experiences and practices to reduce the burden of chronic pain

• Individuals living with persistent pain
• Healthcare providers
• Museum professionals and curators
• Artists and scholars from all disciplines

The intention of The Analgesic Museum is to seed an international interdisciplinary network of scientists, museum and healthcare professionals, individuals living with chronic pain and artists committed to exploring the aesthetics and impact of museum engagement to reduce the burden of chronic pain.

Please direct questions to Bethney Bonilla at bbonilla@ucdavis.edu.
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