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Questioning the trauma. Mental disorders among African fighters (20th – 21st centuries)

Cologne, Germany; deadline CfP January 9, 2023

Panel ECAS To send a proposal: https://nomadit.co.uk/conference/ecas2023/p/12575 This panel aims to question the notion of “war trauma” by confronting it with the contrasting experiences of African fighters (men and women) during the 20th and 21st centuries. It will discuss the plurality of experiences and psychological manifestations, modes of care and forms of recognition in contemporary…

Ecologies of Health and Disease in Eurasia: New Perspectives in the Medical-Environmental Humanities and History

Oslo, Norway; deadline CfP February 1, 2023

Keynote speaker: Professor Kate Brown (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) This workshop aims to develop a multidisciplinary dialogue on the entanglements of politics, society, ecology, environment, health, and disease in the regions of East-Central Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, bringing together scholars in the history of medicine and the medical humanities with scholars in…

Outsiders, outcasts and eccentrics: Experiences of deviancy and deviant experiences

Tampere University, Finland; deadline CfP January 13, 2023

The concepts of deviance and deviancy once anchored a great many social scientific and humanistic studies. Beginning in the 1990s, however, scholars began to question their usefulness, with some declaring the study of deviance a dead field. Nevertheless, historians have found the theme of deviance productive, contributing to the study of a number of social…

Beyond Binaries: Gender, Sexuality and Medicine in Post-War Europe

Warburg-Haus, Hamburg, Germany; deadline CfP March 6, 2023

How can gender and sexuality – broadly conceived both methodologically and thematically – help to inform historical understanding of the role of medicine in post-war Europe? This conference will bring together scholars working in different disciplines to examine how theoretical approaches incorporating gender and sexuality can shed light on medical ethics, scientific practices, and policymaking…

Histories of Disability and Emotions

Online; deadline CfP February 1, 2023

An International Online Conference Hosted by KU Leuven and the University of Liège, Belgium, 13-15 June 2023   The history of disability and the history of emotions are now well-established fields of research. They have experienced relatively similar debates and methodological developments, and they have strong, if complicated, ties to the history of medicine. But…

International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology biennial meeting

Toronto, Canada; deadline CfP January 31, 2023

University of Toronto and Western University Ontario We invite submissions for the next International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology biennial meeting, which will take place in Toronto, Canada, 9–15 July 2023. Returning to in-person meetings after the four-year hiatus, the Council, Local Organizing, and Program Committees are working to put…

New Horizons for Medical Museums and Collections

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden; deadline CfP February 28, 2023

Medical museums are in permanent flux. Collections containing objects related to the history of medicine and health play a role in teaching, research and learning in the broadest sense. The past years medical museums in particular have demonstrated the power to contribute to patient communities, health and wellbeing, and society at large. Yet from small…

From Birth To Death: Age and Ageing in the Postsocialist Transformation

Dresden, Germany; deadline CfP January 15, 2023

Up to today the post-1989 transformation has had long-lasting effects on lives and biographies in postsocialist societies. The biographical disruptions caused by the postsocialist reconfigurations created many so-called ‘losers’ of the transformation, who have not had the chance or were unable to create biographical coherence across the systemic divide. Many of these so-called ‘losers’ tend…

Does science need heroes? (Nobel) Prize cultures in the Netherlands

Leiden; deadline cfp July 15, 2022

The symposium "Does science need heroes? (Nobel) Prize cultures in the Netherlands, will take place in Leiden on September 29-30, 2023. It is organized by the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave and Nils Hansson of the Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf. The history of the Nobel Prize, the most prestigious and visible science award in the world, is since the very…

Decoding Recipes: Histories of Knowledge and Practice across Time and Space

University of Sheffield, online; deadline CfP 1 December 2022

Note: exact date of event not yet known. The event will take place in October 2023. This two-day hybrid workshop, jointly supported by the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust, aims to explore recipes as sources and methods for thinking and writing about the past. As demonstrated by a growing corpus across a number of fields,…