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MEDIRISC. Medicines, risks, and crises. Towards a history of health problems associated with the use of medicines, 1900–2023

Paris; deadline CfP October 20, 2023

This international and interdisciplinary conference is devoted to drug disasters and their consequences in the 20th and 21st centuries. It aims to bring together researchers from the humanities and social sciences, healthcare professionals and, more broadly, people involved in regulation, critical information and user activism. This transnational perspective, extending over a long period, aims to…

British Society for the History of Pharmacy Annual Conference

Leeds; deadline CfP November 10, 2023

The society's annual conference is to be held at the Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds in 2024. The conference theme is Public Pharmacy.  The conference welcomes short talks (20 minutes) from BSHP members, either directly linked to the conference theme or any other aspect of pharmacy history. The full programme of the conference will be…

Hospital material culture in the Middle and Early Modern Ages: concepts and meanings

Lisbon; deadline CfP January 15, 2024

The everyday life in a hospital has always been related to different objects and practices that make up the material expression of established human relationships and the very functioning of such places. In its spatial or topographical, chronological and historical and anthropological dimensions, material culture is related to the purpose or meaning that objects have…

Race, Empire and the Edinburgh Medical School

Edinburgh; deadline CfP February 26, 2024

In 1976, the Royal Scottish Museum and the Scottish Society of the History of Medicine held a symposium and exhibition to commemorate the Edinburgh Medical School’s 250th anniversary. The published symposium proceedings, if an important contribution to Edinburgh Medical School historiography, were nonetheless celebratory in tone and narrowly focused; contributors, for example, said very little…

Transatlantic Perspectives on Sport & Physical Culture in Germany and the USA during the 20th Century

Irsee; deadline CfP October 15, 2023

Over the course of the 20th century, sport and physical culture had immense repercussions for German American relations and how German people perceived Americans, and vice versa. In both nations, sport and physical culture hold important significance and status, and for both nations, their social, cultural, and political histories cannot be understood without discussing how…

Health in American History

Erfurt; deadline CfP July 31, 2023

Exploring the history of health means to historicize what people have understood as health, as being healthy, and as living a healthy life. Moreover, questions of health have affected politics and power relations at multiple scales, shaping and reflecting in/equality and difference, citizenship and belonging. The conference seeks to address a broad range of issues…

AAHM Annual Meeting 2024

Kansas City, online; deadline CfP October 10, 2023

The American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM) invites abstracts for papers in any area of the history of health, healing, and medicine for its 97th annual meeting, to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas, May 9 – 12, 2024. The AAHM welcomes proposals for papers, roundtables, panels, posters, and workshops on the…

Expertise in medicine and the human sciences during the 20th century in Europe and beyond

Prague; deadline CfP December 15, 2023

Expertise shapes modern societies, and the issues of health and normalcy form their core. That is why analyzing the disciplines of medicine and the human sciences – such as psychology, sociology, demography, and pedagogy – is helpful in understanding how modern societies function and change. There has been increasing interest in socialist expertise in recent…

Un/doing Masculinity. Wet dreams: from the 18th Century to the Present

Geneva; deadline CfP January 29, 2024

This workshop is organised within the research project “Polluting nights: masculinity and medicine in Switzerland and France (XVIII -XX centuries)” funded by the SNSF and the CMCSS of the University of Geneva. At the crossroads of the history of medicine, gender, sexuality and sleep, this workshop offers an historical exploration of wet dreams between the…

Media and Epidemics: Technologies of Science Communication and Public Health, 20th-21st Centuries

Bucharest; deadline CfP January 31, 2024

Epidemics provide significant opportunities to reflect on the ways in which media, technology and society are co-constituted. As medical and social phenomena, they tend to be highly mediatized events, although the limits and local inflections of that mediatization are yet to be subjected to sustained critical attention in both historical and contemporary settings. Moreover, as…

Scientiae 2024

Brussels; deadline CfP January 15, 2024

The 11th annual meeting of Scientiae will take place in Brussels, with support of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB), the ERC-funded project VERITRACE, and the FWO/FRS-FNRS funded RENEW18 project. The conference committee is led by Prof. Cornelis J. Schilt (VUB), and includes Prof. Steffen Ducheyne (VUB) and Eleonora Sammarchi (ETH, Zürich). As always, proposals are accepted on all topics…

Globalizing Schizophrenia: The History and Legacy of the WHO Studies of Schizophrenia

Berlin; deadline CfP December 1, 2023

Convener: Alfred Freeborn, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science The World Health Organization studies of schizophrenia were unique in their international, temporal and technical scale. Beginning with the International Pilot Study of Schizophrenia (1965–1973) and culminating in the International Study of Schizophrenia (1991–1996), there has been no other comparable attempt to carefully interview,…