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New Horizons for Medical Museums and Collections

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden; deadline CfP February 28, 2023

Medical museums are in permanent flux. Collections containing objects related to the history of medicine and health play a role in teaching, research and learning in the broadest sense. The past years medical museums in particular have demonstrated the power to contribute to patient communities, health and wellbeing, and society at large. Yet from small…

The ‘cause of the mentally ill’: Mediatisating and destigmatising madness in the second half of the 20th century

Strasbourg; deadline CfP July 15, 2023

This international conference aims to bring together multiple perspectives on the way in which madness and its forms of care were mediatised and discussed in the public arena in a context marked, in France as in other European countries, by profound transformations in the field of psychiatry and mental health policies. Based on the observation…

Decolonizing Medicine in Africa and its Diaspora

Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Towson University, Maryland, online; deadline CfP March 15, 2023

Medicine in Africa and the diaspora continues to be dominated by theories, narratives, and archives that reinforce the belief that modern medicine is external to Africa. A legacy of Eurocentric scholarship has generated the misconception that medicine was gifted to Africans by pious missionaries, granted to Africans in the form of colonial medicine, and sustained…

From Birth To Death: Age and Ageing in the Postsocialist Transformation

Dresden, Germany; deadline CfP January 15, 2023

Up to today the post-1989 transformation has had long-lasting effects on lives and biographies in postsocialist societies. The biographical disruptions caused by the postsocialist reconfigurations created many so-called ‘losers’ of the transformation, who have not had the chance or were unable to create biographical coherence across the systemic divide. Many of these so-called ‘losers’ tend…

Does science need heroes? (Nobel) Prize cultures in the Netherlands

Leiden; deadline cfp July 15, 2022

The symposium "Does science need heroes? (Nobel) Prize cultures in the Netherlands, will take place in Leiden on September 29-30, 2023. It is organized by the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave and Nils Hansson of the Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf. The history of the Nobel Prize, the most prestigious and visible science award in the world, is since the very…

The National Health Service ad the legacies of empire


This two-day international symposium marks the 75th anniversary of the British National Health Service (NHS) by focusing on a neglected theme in the organisation’s history, culture and current medical practices. 'The NHS and the legacies of empire' investigates the influence of race, colonialism and migration on different aspects of public health in the UK from…

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Rights. Health Feminism, Reproductive Knowledge and Women’s Activism Across Europe in the long 20th Century


The conference aims at exploring health feminism and women's activism from the perspective of the history of knowledge. It intends to interrogate the homogeneity of the existing Western European narratives focusing on the 1970s and on the argument that North America was the hub of knowledge transfer to the rest of the world. Against this…

“The Micro as Macro”: Narrating World Histories of Science, Technology, and Environment

Santa Cruz; deadline CfP August 11, 2023

The UCSC Center for World History invites paper proposals for its fourth (almost) annual graduate student conference, which explores non-European places and actors by centering on techno-scientific, environmental, sensorial, and spatial-based themes that reveal how the relationship between “small” subjects like microorganisms have shaped world history in ways that challenge or reimagine conceptions of progress…

Health in American History

Erfurt; deadline CfP July 31, 2023

Exploring the history of health means to historicize what people have understood as health, as being healthy, and as living a healthy life. Moreover, questions of health have affected politics and power relations at multiple scales, shaping and reflecting in/equality and difference, citizenship and belonging. The conference seeks to address a broad range of issues…

Transatlantic Perspectives on Sport & Physical Culture in Germany and the USA during the 20th Century

Irsee; deadline CfP October 15, 2023

Over the course of the 20th century, sport and physical culture had immense repercussions for German American relations and how German people perceived Americans, and vice versa. In both nations, sport and physical culture hold important significance and status, and for both nations, their social, cultural, and political histories cannot be understood without discussing how…

Globalizing Schizophrenia: The History and Legacy of the WHO Studies of Schizophrenia

Berlin; deadline CfP December 1, 2023

Convener: Alfred Freeborn, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science The World Health Organization studies of schizophrenia were unique in their international, temporal and technical scale. Beginning with the International Pilot Study of Schizophrenia (1965–1973) and culminating in the International Study of Schizophrenia (1991–1996), there has been no other comparable attempt to carefully interview,…

International Organizations in the Global South: Body Politics, Power Relations, Local Impacts

Geneva; deadline CfP April 20, 2023

The conference will discuss the role of international organizations in shaping body politics in countries of the Global South during the twentieth century. International Organizations in the Global South: Body Politics, Power Relations, Local Impacts The conference will discuss the role of international organizations in shaping body politics in countries of the Global South during…