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Narrative agency, autism and recognition in the age of neurodiversity


On May 22, Anne Stenning holds her lecture “Narrative agency, autism and recognition in the age of neurodiversity". The lecture is part of the KU Leuven Health Humanities Lecture Series 2021-2022, which has patient agency as its overall theme. Dr Stenning's current project is on life writing (including autobiography, memoir and mixed media) by autistic…

Ideas of contagion and consumption


“Contagion” is the central theme of the History of Medicine and Health seminar series offered this spring by the Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities and the Centre for Historical Studies. On May 23, 4-5 pm CET, Clark Lawlor (Northumbria University) gives a lecture entitled "Ideas of contagion and consumption: From fashionable disease to ‘plague-stricken’…

Herbal medicine cultures in transition


On June 15, 2022, the Herbal History Research Network holds an online seminar entitled "Herbal medicine cultures in transition". Speakers are: Diana Luft, 'Medieval Welsh medical recipes: interpreting the plant-names of the past' Julian Barker, 'Plants in peacetime: European herbaceous and natural borders' Siobhán Barrett, 'Medieval Irish medical glossaries: bridging the gap between the past…

Seminar “A cultural biography of the sperm bank” by Tinne Claes


Abstract The sperm bank appeals to the imagination. Certainly its pioneering years, when there were no laws and doctors could do as they pleased. Yet hardly anyone knows how it used to be, because donor insemination was shrouded in silence. Mainly focusing on Belgium, this talk takes a broad view on the history of the…

Concluding event “Healthscaping Urban Europe”

University of Amsterdam, University Library, Doelenzaal; online

The ERC project "Healthscaping Urban Europe" will hold a concluding plenary event on 30 September, where three experts will explore the history of premodern public health and especially reflect on possible future directions within this research field. All are welcome to join in person in the Doelenzaal. The event will be followed by a drinks’ reception at Café…

Fortitude and nationality in Crimean War surgery by James Kennaway

University of Strathclyde, online

This seminar is part of the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare seminar series. Find the full programme in this post. Seminar description This paper examines the substantial debate on surgery, emotions and ideas of race and nationality in the Crimean War. It will argue that the war was a significant moment…

The medical world of Margaret Cavendish. Findings and discoveries from the manuscript Pw v90 by Justin Begley and Benjamin Goldberg


In this lecture, we describe our newly published edition and commentary on Nottingham MS Pw V90: a manuscript collection of recipes and letters that William and Margaret Cavendish compiled between approximately 1647 and 1654. Since this document has received minimal scholarly attention, we first offer an outline of its provenance and history as we have reconstructed it, and provide…

Learning from the past and planning for the future of infodemic management


Critical public health emergencies, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the monkeypox outbreak, have made infodemic management a high priority for decision-makers worldwide. WHO/Europe will be launching 2 publications in a webinar on 8 November 2022: “Advancing infodemic management in risk communication and community engagement in the WHO European Region”, implementation guidance, based on the latest…

Variation is the constant of fertility by Simon Szreter


This seminar is part of the (in)fertility seminar series organised by the Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities and the Centre for Historical Studies. Please send an email to James Kennaway (james.kennaway@rug.nl) for the link to the seminar. For the full programme of the seminar series, visit this page.