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Ecologies of Health and Disease in Eurasia: New Perspectives in the Medical-Environmental Humanities and History

Oslo, Norway; deadline CfP February 1, 2023

Keynote speaker: Professor Kate Brown (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) This workshop aims to develop a multidisciplinary dialogue on the entanglements of politics, society, ecology, environment, health, and disease in the regions of East-Central Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, bringing together scholars in the history of medicine and the medical humanities with scholars in…

Outsiders, outcasts and eccentrics: Experiences of deviancy and deviant experiences

Tampere University, Finland; deadline CfP January 13, 2023

The concepts of deviance and deviancy once anchored a great many social scientific and humanistic studies. Beginning in the 1990s, however, scholars began to question their usefulness, with some declaring the study of deviance a dead field. Nevertheless, historians have found the theme of deviance productive, contributing to the study of a number of social…

Medical Humanities and History: Future Directions?

University of Groningen 29-30 June 2023 House of connections, Groningen This international workshop, co-organized by the Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities and the Durham Institute for Medical Humanities will be an exploratory and agenda-setting conversation on the question of how history contributes to the interdisciplinary field of medical and health humanities. The meeting will…

How to take patients’ histories: Doing medical history from below in practice

Utrecht; deadline CfP April 14, 2023

How to take patients’ histories: Doing medical history from below in practice Workshop organized by Hieke Huistra (Utrecht University), Noortje Jacobs (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) and Martijn van der Meer (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) Almost forty years ago, Roy Porter published his seminal article ‘The Patient’s View: Doing Medical History from Below’. Historians routinely ignored the roles,…

Decoding Recipes: Histories of Knowledge and Practice across Time and Space

University of Sheffield, online; deadline CfP 1 December 2022

Note: exact date of event not yet known. The event will take place in October 2023. This two-day hybrid workshop, jointly supported by the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust, aims to explore recipes as sources and methods for thinking and writing about the past. As demonstrated by a growing corpus across a number of fields,…