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Modernity and the Gut

Glasgow; deadline CfP January 16, 2023

Modernity and the Gut Keynote speaker Professor Jean Walton, University of Rhode Island Concerns about gastric disorders have been around for centuries, but anxiety surrounding the gut intensified with the…

Food and Body in Colonial Contexts in Pre-modern Times (1600-1900)

Regensburg, Germany; deadline CfP November 15, 2022

Colonization and exploration of the non-European territories was an inherently bodily experience. Food and diet became central arguments to underscore and explain the physical and cultural differences between Europeans and…

Voorkomen is beter dan genezen

Utrecht, online

De afgelopen tijd is duidelijk geworden dat de zorg de patiëntenstroom niet meer aan kan. Wat kunnen we doen om te voorkomen dat mensen patiënt worden? Hoe beïnvloeden omgevingsfactoren en…

The Medicalised Body

Edinburgh, online; deadline CfP February 17, 2023

The University of Edinburgh is the seat of many historical and contemporary breakthroughs in medicine and epidemiology. On top of this, the medical humanities are increasingly influential at the university,…

Slavery at Sea and the Future of Medical Education


History of Medicine and Health Seminar organised under the auspices of the Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities and the Centre for Historical Studies Sowande’ Mustakeem (Washington University in St.…

Hospitals in times of crisis

Warsaw; deadline CfP October 15, 2022

The conference "hospitals in times of crisis" will take place in Warsaw from 18–20 May 2023 in cooperation with Prof. Dr Michał Kopczyński from the University of Warsaw, the International…

Queer dis-eases: Disruptive histories, politics, and bodies

Florence, Italy & online; deadline CfP January 31, 2023

Queering is a productive point of departure from which to break down traditional cultural and scholarly categories and hierarchies. Queerness inherently positions itself against dominant modes of thought, creating social,…