Health, Humanities, and the Lab webinars

Webinar series by the Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities

This semester the Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities again offers a series of webinars. The central theme this time is “Health, Humanities and the Lab”, whereby the lab refers to spaces of health research, including (linguistic) laboratories, as well as operating theatres, ateliers, living labs in ethnographic research and archaeological digs.

Three of the meetings are of particular interest to medical historians:

  • March 15, Dorien Daling: “Pain overcome by progress”? The rise of the laboratory in modern medicine and life
  • March 29, Voula Tritsaroli, Eloquent bones. Health and wellbeing among the commoners of Roman Dion, Macedonia, Greece
  • May 17, Kim Knibbe: What seems to be the problem? Ethnographic approaches to studying health and wellbeing in context

Every meeting is opened with a short column and then followed by discussion. Information and registration: send an e-mail to prof. dr. Rina Knoeff at