Health humanities lecture series on ageing

KU Leuven is organising a lecture series from February to June on the theme of ageing.


Old age, it seems, has fallen off its pedestal. Once an inexhaustible source of wisdom, it is now increasingly associated with deficits and dependencies. Some even consider it a disease – a bad thing to have in a culture obsessed with eternal youth. Is there a way out of patronizing and pathologizing old age? How can we restore some of its dignity? The speakers of this year’s lecture series answer these questions by focusing on middle age and old age from a wide range of humanities perspectives, including literary studies, age studies, medical and cultural history, philosophy, and disability studies. Join us online and on campus, at KU Leuven, for a series of wonderful health humanities talks about ageing. 


  • The lecture series is free, but registration is mandatory. 
  • All sessions, except the first one, start at 4pm​​​​ and end at 5.30 pm Central European Time (CET).  
  • It will be possible to attend the sessions online.

For the full programme and registration, please visit this page.