HHH Spring meeting: Framing statistics?

We are excited to announce our next HHH meeting, which will take place on March 10th in Nijmegen. This year, the meeting is a collaboration between historical demographers and medical historians.

Medical history meets historical demography: Framing statistics? 

Friday 10 March 2023 at Radboud University Nijmegen

Historical demographers have been studying one of the key health-related moments in life, death, for decades. Theories such as the epidemiological transition theory and the health transition have been proposed and adjusted based on quantitative research methods. Although the research into health and death may appear to fit the research interests of medical historians, collaboration appears to be lacking. How can historical demographers and medical historians benefit from each other’s findings and ideas? How can we come to a more comprehensive understanding of historical health and death by combining quantitative and qualitative research methods?  Can collaborations help to overcome the pitfalls of certain research methods? During this HHH meeting, we hope to learn from each other, to bridge the gap between the fields, and to spark new joint research initiatives!  

More details will follow soon. 

As usual, participation is free, but please register by sending an e-mail to: historyhealthhealing@gmail.com