HHH PhD/RMA workshop Medical museums

On occasion of the HHH spring meeting, HHH traditionally organises a workshop for PhD and RMA students. In March, 2022, keynote speaker Sophie Goggins (Senior Curator of Biomedical Science at National Museums Scotland) will introduce participants to object research, curation and exhibition design in the workshop Medical museums: material sources in medical history.

Historians of medicine have access to many different types of sources. The workshop deals with approaches and methods to analysing, describing and the keeping of objects in collections and museums. In addition, it introduces the participants to (creative) methodologies of using objects in knowledge utilization projects (in exhibitions, art installations and the like).

The workshop is open to members of the Network HHH as well as graduate students of the Huizinga Institute and consists of three parts: a preparatory meeting with Sophie Goggins, the HHH spring meeting in the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden on March 7, and an ‘afterparty’ during which participants prepare an online exhibition based on an academic object biography.

At the end of the workshop participants have acquired:

  • Knowledge on how to write an object biography;
  • Insight in creative methods in order to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and public audiences;
  • Insight in curating and/or designing collections and exhibitions;
  • And/or insight in the ethics of object research as well as the ethics of keeping and exhibiting sensitive heritage;
  • And/or insight in digital heritage as well as digital tools in public activities.

For more information and registration visit the Huizinga Institute website.