Inaugural lecture by Rina Knoeff on June 30: “Old as Methuselah?”

On 30 June 2023 at 4.15 p.m., Dr H.G. (Rina) Knoeff, appointed Professor of Health and Humanities at the Faculty of Arts, will be holding her inaugural lecture entitled: Old as Methuselah? Supercentenarians, Narrative Wisdom and the Importance of History for Health

The Rector Magnificus is delighted to invite you to this inaugural lecture, which will be followed by a reception at the Academy Building.

‘Togati’ will be expected in the Senate Chamber of the Academy Building at
4.10 p.m.

You can register no later than 23 June via the website:

In case you are unable to attend the inaugural lecture in person, you can also watch the live stream. You do not need to sign up or
register for this. You can find the live stream on 30 June on the website: