Marieke Hendriksen’s project PRESERVARE receives ERC funding

HHH member Marieke Hendriksen has received a Research Consolidator grant by the European Research Council for her project PRESERVARE: Large-scale conservation of perishable foodstuffs in the Low Countries, 1600-1800.

The project studies how can we retrieve and understand embodied, practical historical knowledge through the history of early modern food conservation, and how embodied, practical knowledge of food conservation developed in conjunction with formalised, scholarly knowledge.

The project provides a history of early modern food conservation in the Low Countries in a global context and a theoretical and methodological framework for the historical study of dispersed epistemic domains and the retrieval and analysis of embodied, practical historical knowledge.

Two PhD positions (one in history of science/knowledge and one in archaeology) and one postdoc position in history of science/knowledge will be advertised in 2024.

Congratulations to Marieke!