Martijn van der Meer and Stefan Gaillard listed in Forbes 30 under 30 for co-founding JOTE

HHH member Martijn van der Meer and Stefan Gaillard have been listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, in the category Science and Healthcare for co-founding, together with Max Bautista Perpinyà, the Journal of Trial and Error. This open-access, independent journal aims to integrate failure into scientific research by publishing “failed” research. As explained in a Utrecht University post: “The journal addresses several fundamental issues in modern academia, including publication bias and the replication crisis, but also the academic reward system, with its strong focus on ‘success’, even though failure is an indispensable part of science. It helps to promote more realistic expectations of science, both within academia and outside it. Finally, the journal also contributes to the development of Open Science, by encouraging transparency in all aspects of research, review and publication.”

Martijn van der Meer pointed out that, given JOTE’s mission, it is a little ironic to be named in a list that celebrates success. Nevertheless, the journal’s inclusion in the Forbes list demonstrates that JOTE is addressing a real gap in scientific research. The two co-founders also spoke on the Dutch national television talkshow OP1.

Congratulations to everyone involved in founding and running JOTE!