New video on Els Borst and medical ethics

By HHH chair Frank Huisman.

In 2021, Els Borst: medicus in de politiek [Els Borst: a Doctor in Politics] was published. The book was written by Nele Beyens, who was affiliated to the Medical Humanities department of the UMC Utrecht, and supervised by Frank Huisman. The book tells the story of a remarkable personality, who has been active in many domains of the Dutch health care system: as laboratory scientist, as Director of the Utrecht academic hospital, as professor at the Amsterdam academic hospital, as member of the Health Council, and – last but not least – as Minister of Health in two consecutive cabinets. In all these capacities, she witnessed the challenges that the Dutch health care system was facing, ranging from cost containment to prevention and ethical issues. Through an impressive range of health legislation, she succeeded in shaping the transformation of Dutch health care.

In this short movie (in Dutch), Nele enters in dialogue with Annelien Bredenoord, focusing on an important part of Borst’s work: medical ethics.