Open now: HHH expo “The history of medicine in seven objects”

Open now on the HHH website: the expo “The history of medicine in seven objects”!

This online exhibition was curated by research master students and PhD candidates who participated in the HHH masterclass “Medical museums: material sources in medical history”, offered through the Huizinga Institute in the spring of 2022. The students selected the most fascinating objects from medical historical collections in The Netherlands, researched the objects’ biographies, and wrote the accompanying texts. The objects could be displayed here thanks to the kind co-operation and permission of the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, the University Museum Groningen and Museum Vrolik.

As HHH is one of the research networks of the Huizinga Institute – the Dutch national research school for cultural history – we regularly organise such masterclasses on the occasion of one of our meetings, in this case the 2022 spring meeting “Medical museums: material sources in medical history” in Museum Boerhaave in Leiden. The Huizinga Institute not only invites students to participate in these activities, they also make them possible through their financial support.

Visit the online expo here.