Reading group: History and philosophy of race and microbes

As part of the project “Microbiome research and race in the ‘Local South’” (Vidi, NWO), Dr. Abigail Nieves-Delgado (Utrecht University) invites researchers to join the new online reading group “History and philosophy of race and microbes”. All those interested in microbiome research, colonialism and science, race and ethnicity, health inequalities, philosophy of race and history and philosophy of science are welcome to join the meetings. The reading group is also happy to receive suggestions on readings related to these and similar topics. 

The first session will take place on Thursday, March 28th 15:30 CET. The group will discuss “Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa”, particularly the chapter “Physical anthropology and the quest for the missing link” by Saul Dubow.

To join the reading group, you may contact Dr. Nieves-Delgado.