Save the date: HHH autumn meeting on medical history and global health on Sept 3rd

The autumn meeting of History Health & Healing will be on medical history and the growing field of global health. Over the past decades, local, regional and global issues have also increasingly captured the attention of historians working on health and healthcare. Not only in the sense that historians can unravel the long history of ‘local biologies’ and health practices, but it is also important with an eye to the future. As Mark Jackson states in A Global History of Medicine,  ‘writing histories of medicine that manage to hold global, regional, and local experiences and perceptions within the same frame (…) becomes pivotal not only to understanding the complexity of the past, but also to analysing and critiquing persistent inequalities in health and confronting the power and privilege that still inflect our health and medicine’.

Yet, working on global histories of medicine also brings new challenges. How should we understand ‘the global’? How to connect the global to local practices? How to deal with borders and boundaries between countries, the global south and the global north, between different traditions of writing about global health?

These questions are central in HHH’s 2021 autumn meeting.

We are very pleased to announce our two keynote speakers from the field of global health:

As Professor Abimbola will join us from Sydney, the meeting is in the morning. 

Date and time: September 3, 2021, 10.00-13.00 h, on Zoom.

To register, please send an e-mail to our secretary Timo Bolt at .