Utrecht University launches first interdisciplinary medical humanities master

In September, 2022, UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University start a new interdisciplinary Medical Humanities master programme. Developed by the faculties of medicine (UMC Utrecht) and humanities (Utrecht University), it is the first master programme in the Netherlands to combine these disciplines in this way.

With this new programme, UMC Utrecht and the Faculty of Humanities want to respond to the widely felt need to find solutions to scientific and social issues in the field of health and care. It addresses questions such as: what is the optimal relationship between the citizen/patient and the care provider in the field of health? What role does the government play? How do we as a society deal with differences in behaviour and the worldwide increasing decline in mental health? How does care remain human in an increasingly digital environment? And: how do we deal with patients who have less trust in science and authority figures?

The deadline for applications is June 1st, 2022. More information on the master is found here.

The two Utrecht faculties also offer an interdisciplinary minor in medical humanities.